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Drain Master Plumbing & Hot Water
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2 Testimonials
11 years
Toby Cawood

Somehow our kitchen sink had become blocked, considerably blocked. We have a plunger in the house so my husband gave it a go but it just wouldn't budge. This was going to be a tricky job to fix ourselves. We gave Drainmaster plumbing and hot water a call later on that day to come and clean out our blocked sink. They found the time to come the next day which was just perfect. The kind member of staff explained that with such a blockage it would have to cleaned out with a high pressure jet. He quoted a fair price and we were more than happy to hand the job over to them. They did a wonderful job and left my kitchen clean and tidy. I'd be more than happy to refer Drainmaster to my friends and family.

11 years
Kate Handt

Not so long ago I had to call out drainmaster due to a blockage in my drains, I wanted to get it fixed before it started to overflow thus creating an even bigger problem. I was truly amazed at their competence when they arrived. In no time they had cleared the blockage and my drains were flowing at their maximum capacity once again. Even more enjoyable was that they provided me with a free CCTV drain inspection so I could see the state of my drains, I was glad about this because it turned out the drains were in need of some future work. Drainmaster plumbing and hot water will be getting another call from me soon and im more than happy to hire them for any job again.

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